Love Tune Up

Calling all Ministers, Angels, Spiritual Teachers

for a clearing a-way tune up.

Step aside into a quiet time of listening, and loving. Let go, and remember who you are.

A good one for someone that may feel they don't receive enough connection, or simply want to feel the love.

Miracles, Love, Holy Moments, Depth.

$100 Suggested Donation

Sacred Blessed Oils, Aromatherapy, Homeopathic's  Flower Essences, Grounding Mats, Sound Balancing, Emperors Tea, Blessed Vibes Up Spring Water, Hydration, Sacred Cacao, Sage, Palo Santo...My Medicine bag is full of magic tricks; to help guide your perception back to center.

There are no limits here.

Miracles, Love, Clarity, Enlightenment.

$100 Suggested Donation 

Focused Breathwork/Sound Therapy


In a Comfortable Position Solfeggio Frequencies/Binaural Beats/ are played, Sacred Blessed Oils applied, Fire-Earth-Water-Air, Let go, Heal, Ground.

$80.00 Suggested Donation 
























Declutterer Extraordinaire

Vibes Up 

Enlightenment Course

I believe every person we encounter is for our own growth.

I have dedicated my life to myself and showing others (or gently reminding) new ways of living in each moment. You will be shown ways to increase your self Love. A very important key to your enlightenment.

Living a fully tantric life has been a path of mine for years. In our time together I will help you to remember who you truly are. I will lead you down a path of self discovery to your highest happiness.

Our time together can take many forms- Go as deep as you are willing to go. You may undergo an entire life transformation as I have, or You may simply find a bit more joy in your everyday. It is all up to as it always has been- You will see <3

The point of this is the Enlightenment of all.

This is designed to help you declutter your life in all areas so you may uncover your truest self. I will help you to find your truest self so you can really live in all moments instead of just surviving, or getting by in this world.

You may go at your own pace, but will be expected to complete your homework at minimum once per week. If you stop participation, I will give the spot to someone who will, so please be ready to commit. This is a year long course.

$333 a month or $3,333 year Suggested Donation

An intention of oneness that is completely let go of at the right moment, an Intuitive Journey with Sacred Blessed Oils, Aromatherapy, Homeopathic's  Flower Essences, Grounding Mats, Sound Balancing, Emperors Tea, Blessed Vibes Up Spring Water, Hydration, Sacred Cacao, Sage, Palo Santo...Fire-Earth-Water-Air.


Let go, Connect, Heal, Ground.

This is a bit of a combination of my Love Tune Up, and Vibes Up sessions.

I personally have witnessed the Altar of God through this one.

$333 Suggested Donation

I believe in Clarity~


I believe the more things you have that aren't being regularly used or appreciated are blocking new healthy energy from your life.

Sometimes all that's wanted is a helping hand.

I will also take care of Donations and Recyclables.

We can go together to donate or recycle if you would like.

$250 Suggested Donation 3 Hours

Intuitive Journey

Space Clearing

Space Clearing is fantastic for transforming dense, stagnant energy. Some reasons you may want to clear and energize your space:



*New Home

*Any Trauma that occurred in the space; be it something light like an argument, or something very traumatic like violence.

*Stressful environments like a hospital, doctors office, or home office where potentially stressful news could occur.

*It just feels good. I clear my homespace very often, and my body daily.

Space clearing may look like~ having high vibrational tea together, while setting intention, and using Palo Santo, Sage, Singing Bowls, and Sacred Blessed Oils.

I can do this alone, but your presence (as well as those closest to you) is preferred. 

$50 Suggested Donation

Weight Loss and Taming Inflamation 

I offer nutritional counseling as well as full Menu plans. I can work with your doctor.

If you are in the kitchen at 1am eating food- Lets make sure it's least a good food for ya. eh? 

$200 Suggested Donation for Initial consultation. Includes 1 week of full meal planning. 

Monthly Meal Plans 

Grocery Shopping, and Food Prep

Gym or Home visits in relation to Physical Fitness

Find out your blood type

Phone Support ( I myself am an emotional eater)

Are all available, and will be determined for usefulness during our consultation.

Donations are accepted 24/7, via my phone number; through 

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  • Zelle

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